Chess notation is a method for recording a chess match using symbols. For all pieces except pawns, write a simple chess move by starting with the piece's letter symbol (see below), followed by its destination (see Rank/File/Tridrant). For example, "Na4R" means "knight moves to a4 in Red's tridrant". All the pieces except pawns have their own letter-symbol (K,Q,R,N,B). A pawn move
is recorded by writing its starting location, followed by its destination, as in
"b4 c5" which means: pawn at b4 moves to c5. (When a piece moves to a location in its home tridrant, the tridrant symbol is ommitted.)

Notation Key

notation key

Which Knight or Rook Is Moving or Capturing?

When both of a player's rooks or knights can move to the same location, identify which rook or knight is moving by following the letter-symbol of the moving piece with a foreslash "/" followed by its location, as in "R/a5B a5R" which means: rook at a5 in Black's tridrant moves to a5 in Red's tridrant.
(See below for more examples.)

Noting a Pawn Promotion

To note a pawn promotion, simply write the letter-symbol of the piece it promotes to at the end of the notation. (See below.)

Recording a Match

Below is a score sheet recording the last four moves of this match between Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot.

The four moves noted in the scoresheet above are illustrated below.
The notation begins with White's 26th move, followed by Black's 26th move, then Red's. The match ends with Black's 27th move.

drawing showing of the last four moves of the match between Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur

Kb1: White king takes refuge behind its bishop as two stronger opponents threaten. Qb3Wdp: The black queen swoops into the heart of White's tridrant and tentatively stalemates the match. Unless Red intervenes, the match will end in a three-way draw. Bc3W#: Red decides to break the stalemate by checkmating White with a bishop. Red earns two points for the checkmate; the white king is removed from the chess board; and the white bishop is added to Red's forces. White is out of the game. Black's move.
Qb3R#: Black queen swoops into the heart of Red's tridrant where, protected by a pawn, it checkmates Red. The match has ended. White earned zero points. Black earned three points (two points for the checkmate, plus one for having the last king standing). Black wins the match. Red is in second place. The score is 0-3-2.