Chess Pieces

boards are formatted to fit tournament-size chess pieces (3.75" kings). If you already own chess pieces, you will need an extra bishop for each player. To play you will also need an extra pawn. (See table below.) for three players requires a third set of red chess pieces.

chess pieces per player
(2 players) 112233
(2 players) 112234
(2 players) 112236
(2 players) 112239
(3 players)† 112233
(3 players)† 112234
conventional square chess pieces shown below for comparison
(2 players) 112228

*Some chess sets come with a second queen to use when a pawn is promoted.
†The color of the third set of chess pieces in a three-player game should be red.

Chess pieces are easy to find locally or online. You can get chess pieces by the set, or by the piece at Keep in mind that pieces purchased by the set have only two bishops per player; requires three. The recommended colors are beige and black. For three-player chess the third color is red.

Chess piece set
Tournament size "Quality Club Special" Chess
Pieces by the set from
Chess piece set
Chess Pieces by the piece from