The Pawn

Pawns travel one hex per move in any of the three forwardmost directions, but they capture hard-forward-left and hard-forward right. (See below.) Note that black pawns and white pawns travel in opposing directions. Note also that the skewed hexes of the chess board have changed the angles such that the hex immediately to the right of a pawn is in its capture range. In the illustration below, the bursts show where pawns capture.

Additionally, each pawn has the option on its first move of advancing two hexes in the forwardmost, or forward-right direction. (See illustration.) Once a pawn has been moved, it no longer has the two-hex option, and is limited to one hex per move. Each player begins the game with nine pawns. A pawn that reaches the far end of the chess board is promoted to a piece of higher value.
(See promotion.)

drawing of the 9-pawn board with pawn moves shown