4P3 Chess Boards

Paper chess board printed on 185gsm semi gloss poster paper from redbubble.com.

Size medium (23.4" x 23.4") fits tournment-size chess pieces.

(Note: The 3-player chess boards are not available in metal because metal is too hard to trim along the curved dotted line.)

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Flexible neoprene chess board from contrado.com. Soft and elastic, does not fray. Matte finish poly front. Go to this Contrado link. The fabric type should be Neoprene 29.5 oz. Select the "Custom Dimensions" radio button. Set the print width to 26" and the print length to 26" (fits tournament-size chess pieces). Click on the green "ADD IMAGES / TEXT" button. You will have to upload the image file. When it arrives, you to will need to trim it along the dotted line with scissors. Expect slight shrinkage.

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Hi-res, royalty-free image file. Upload it to contrado.com to order a neoprene chess board, or print it yourself.

Download the image file.
49.9MB 26"x26"